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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

One of the most common types of anxiety disorders is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Individuals with GAD experience frequent worry, anxiety, and physical tension. They worry about numerous issues and activities and find it difficult to stop or “control” their worry. They typically worry about day-to-day stresses and concerns—things that many people worry about. However, the amount of distress and worry that individuals with GAD experience is excessive and interferes with the individual’s functioning and quality of life. People with GAD often experience physical symptoms, including headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort, restlessness, fatigue, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance, among others. Individuals with GAD may misuse or become dependent on anti-anxiety medications and/or alcohol in their attempts to manage their condition.

Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is multi-faceted. Your therapist will work with you to help you develop more adaptive ways of dealing with life’s uncertainties and difficulties. You will be encouraged to distinguish between “toxic,” counterproductive worry and reasonable, appropriate concern and worry that can lead to constructive action. Problem identification and problem solving skills may be included in treatment. Cognitive and stress management strategies can be helpful. Acceptance of uncertainty in life is an essential ingredient in lessening the grip of anxiety and worry. Adequate self-care, physical activity, and self-soothing skills also can help to improve quality of life or frequent worriers.

Many individuals with generalized anxiety and frequent worry develop counterproductive habits, such as perfectionism and procrastination.

AATC’s free therapist-assisted Anxiety and Panic Disorders support group may be a useful treatment adjunct for adults with generalized anxiety.